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Make “Enjoy” in the world

Share the beautiful pictures of the city you live in and the places you love: your favorite restaurants, amazing viewpoints, cityscape that you adore and cute shops to purchase souvenirs…
Share your favorite locations with everyone around the world through LAPIECES.

Find your destination

People living in your trip destination can tell you where to visit, what to eat and what to do. You can get fresh and new information from the locals. This is not just a typical review app. You can “Piece” your favorite posts to make your own list of places you want to go.

Everyone wants to know
your favorite place.

Think about the places you want to take your best friends when they come visit you in your city: your favorite restaurants, cute artwork in the street corner, relaxing places… The important thing is, someone who sees your post can get to the destination by just using LAPIECES. Your post can perhaps have a great impact on someone’s trip.

All you need is LAPIECES. It doesn’t matter if you are online or offline.

You can use all the saved posts in Piece List even without Internet connection. You won’t get lost if you use the MAP function in the Piece List. When you get to your destination, do look back at the post. Someone’s “special place” may now become your “special place”.